Compound Films releases exclusive “Sigue Ganando” hat for Mexican Independence Day

Frank Lopez
2 min readSep 17, 2019


The company is known for it’s “Keep Winning” slogan which means to find victory hidden in adversity. September 16 marks the independence of Mexico from Spain in a liberating war. In honor of Frank Lopez’s family and heritage, the company has translated it’s slogan into spanish and released exclusive items.

The hats will be on sale at for $30 with free delivery and a few bonus items as a thank you! T shirts will also be available for purchase starting tomorrow and can be discounted with use of earned Compound Points. If you are a first time user, you earn 1000 points for free by signing up and creating an account.

You can buy your hat through this link here:

“The American Dream is to come to the United States and succeed and I am extremely grateful that my parents had me in this beautiful country. This is a symbolic message to my parents honoring them and the heritage that I was born and blessed with.”

The best way for me to be thankful for this opportunity is to keep winning and creating opportunities for people that share my passion and vision. There are many more things to be announced soon so sign up for our newsletter and be ready for even bigger news.

Frank Lopez of Compound Films