Culinary Fusion: Celebrating Diversity with Chef John Butler at La Diabla Retro Bar

Frank Lopez
4 min readMar 11, 2024

A Vibrant Addition to Downtown Houston’s Culinary Scene

Downtown Houston, TX — March 11, 2024 — Houston’s culinary landscape is about to get a spicy new addition as La Diabla Retro Bar welcomes esteemed chef John Butler to its kitchen. Known for his innovative approach to traditional flavors and his commitment to showcasing the rich culinary heritage of the African diaspora, Chef Butler is set to bring a fresh perspective to the renowned Main Street block.

Located at 300 Main Street, La Diabla Retro Bar has long been celebrated for its vibrant atmosphere and eclectic menu offerings. With Chef Butler joining the team, patrons can expect an exciting fusion of flavors that pays homage to both the restaurant’s Latin roots and Butler’s own culinary heritage.

Embracing Diversity

Chef Butler’s arrival at La Diabla Retro Bar marks a significant moment in Houston’s culinary scene, highlighting the city’s commitment to embracing diversity and celebrating the talents of chefs from all backgrounds. As a black chef working alongside other renowned chefs on the same street block, Butler’s presence underscores the rich tapestry of cultures that contribute to the city’s culinary mosaic.

“Food has a unique power to bring people together and bridge cultural divides,” says Chef Butler. “I’m excited to join the team at La Diabla Retro Bar and share my passion for cooking with the vibrant community here in downtown Houston.”

Innovative Flavors

Drawing inspiration from his upbringing in the American South and his travels throughout the Caribbean and Africa, Chef Butler’s menu at La Diabla Retro Bar promises to delight diners with its bold and inventive flavors. From classic soul food dishes with a modern twist to Caribbean-inspired seafood creations, Butler’s culinary creations are sure to tantalize the taste buds of patrons.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Chef John Butler to the La Diabla Retro Bar family,” says Maria Hernandez, owner of La Diabla Retro Bar. “His passion for culinary excellence and commitment to celebrating diverse flavors make him a perfect fit for our restaurant.”

Joining Forces

Chef Butler’s arrival on Main Street also signals a collaboration with other renowned black chefs in the area, creating a dynamic culinary community that celebrates the contributions of chefs of color.

“I’m excited to be cooking alongside other talented chefs who share my passion for showcasing the diversity of flavors within the African diaspora,” says Chef Butler. “Together, we’ll continue to push the boundaries of culinary creativity and inspire future generations of chefs.”

About La Diabla Retro Bar

La Diabla Retro Bar is a vibrant dining destination located in the heart of downtown Houston. With its eclectic menu, lively atmosphere, and commitment to celebrating diversity, La Diabla Retro Bar has become a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

For more information about La Diabla Retro Bar and Chef John Butler’s menu offerings, visit or follow them on social media @ladiablaretrobar.


As Chef John Butler takes the reins in the kitchen at La Diabla Retro Bar, downtown Houston’s culinary scene is poised for an exciting new chapter. With his innovative approach to flavor and his dedication to celebrating diverse culinary traditions, Chef Butler is sure to leave a lasting impression on diners and fellow chefs alike. Join us in welcoming Chef Butler to Main Street and savoring the delicious creations that await at La Diabla Retro Bar.