Netflix Comedian Chingo Bling To Feature On Laugh Out Loud Comedy Tour

Frank Lopez
2 min readMar 4, 2020

The mexican-american star “Chingo Bling” has been the darling to big corporate brands like Bud Light, Takis, Nascar, and the World Cup as of late. Many remember him from his viral run on Youtube with classic skits of him impersonating Mexican Championship Boxer “Canelo Alvarez” and voice overs to classic Maury Episodes and Pixar film “Toy Story”. He was nearing 500,000 subscribers on the platform before his account was removed for a platform violation due to a reaction video. However, the giant video streaming platform “Netflix” embraced Chingo Bling with an excited embrace and added his comedy special to the global library.

The Laugh Out Loud Tour has criss crossed the continent with comedians from a handful of major cities. Last year, they visited new markets in the midwest with Hollywood actor/comedian Noel G which was in films like Training Day, Bruce Almighty, The Mule. The crowds poured in and the tour didn’t miss a beat in towns like Hobart, Indiana and Holland, Michigan. “He was like a grenade up there, once he got comfortable he just blew everybody away” says tour manager Carlos Caz.

This is exciting news for the fans of Chingo Bling and the Laugh Out Loud Tour as they have teamed up to explore new untapped markets to present new comedy shows. The tour plans to pair Chingo Bling with other notable acts in the comedy industry and create deals with aspiring comedians on Youtube. There are many new and young acts that have the credentials on Youtube which makes it easier to partner up to create audio/video content. The ultimate plan is produce in-house comedy specials and comedy films with features from all Laugh Out Loud Tour participants.

Dates available soon.